Wendy Stone : Africa Photo | The Lost Boys: Archival Images

With the change of government in Ethiopia in May 1991, the Sudanese refugee children in Itang Refugee Camp fled back to Southern Sudan, a land that was as insecure and devastated by war as it had been when they left it. Many children were forced to flee though heavy rains as military aircraft dropped bombs around them. Some died during the bombardment. Others perished attempting to cross rivers that were running high and fast with the rains. Still others succumbed to sickness worsened by exhaustion and malnutrition during the trek to Sudan. Some 145,000 children arrived in Nasir, a flat and treeless wetland on the Sobat River. Most of the children were between 10 to 13 years old. Relief agencies struggled to meet their needs in a desperate situation. Many of them stayed in Nasir for months and were eventually settled in Kakuma Refugee Camp in northern Kenya. 
On assignment for UNICEF.